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  • Location: Seminar House: X Wave Funabashi, Tokyo
  • Days: 9th (Sun) - 15th (Sat) February 2020
  • Eight countries are participating (35 students)
  • Pre-assignment of course will be held at Slack workspace

Mission of the GCC

Strengthen the security community across Asia and nurture future global leaders.
Annually, the best 36 students from member countries gather in one of the participating countries for a week to exchange experience, forge a life-long friendship, and learn from the best cybersecurity professionals.
Non-commercial education programs and communities organize the program supported by industry leaders who care about the safe digitalization of the world.

Timetable of GCC 2020

Timetable of GCC 2020

Participating countries and it’s organization

  • Japan (Security Camp Committee)
  • Singapore (Division Zero)
  • South Korea (KITRI BoB Programme)
  • Taiwan (Advanced Information Security Summer School)
  • Malaysia (Hackers Community)
  • Thailand (National Electronics and Computer Technology Center)
  • Vietnam (VNSEC)
  • Australia (UQ Cyber Security)

List of Sponsors

Sponsors of GCC in Tokyo

Information of last year (GCC2018)

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