New ways to boost up your hacker skills


Recently, there has been a lot of interest in cybersecurity due to small and large incidents, but cybersecurity is still unfamiliar to most people. While cybersecurity is a field that has become essential for our safe digital life, there are not many convenient ways to learn the basics of cybersecurity and especially the in-depth knowledge, unlike other areas of education.

We have created a new space to study the concepts, practice with various exercises, compete through periodic CTFs, and ask questions/share knowledge. This education platform is designed for all skill levels: A student who just started studying to become an awesome hacker, a developer who wants to build safer services, and security experts who want to further sharpen their skills.

Introducing Dreamhack, the hackers’ playground.

We also harness the PatchDay, a bug bounty platform, with Dreamhack to ensure the learners successfully transition to real-world hackers.


Name: Brian Pak
Bio :

  • Graduated BS + MS from Carnegie Mellon University
  • Founded PPP
  • 5 time DEFCON winner (incl. 60+ international CTF wins)
  • CEO of Theori

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