Robust protocol open challenge


In general, cyber security tends to focus on protecting systems and data from attackers. In addition to this, securing communication from accidents and natural disasters is also considered to be an important element of cyber security. In this lecture, we will prepare a LAN (10BASE-T) that causes physical communication failure remotely. Participants will design and implement a robust protocol that enables communication in these faulty LANs, and compete for protocol resilience on various evaluation axes with a remote actual device.


Name: Michihiro Imaoka
Bio :
Hiro Imaoka is a founder of Imaoca Engineering Office. He is also an FPGA developer, an embedded system developer, and a writer. He has been a Microsoft MVP since 2014 (Windows development), Security Camp lecturer since 2015, Security Camp producer since 2018, and a Sechack365 Trainer since 2020.

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