Attacker behavior analysis base on attack vector analysis


Analysis hacking technique to analyze the victim system hacked by the attacker, and analysis various artifact on the victim system to reconstruct the attacker’s behavior.


  1. Attack techniques and vector to hack to server system
  2. Types of artifact and log analysis techniques
  3. Analysis the types of artifact according to each attack technique
  4. Reconstruct attacker’s behavior base on evidences(Artifact)


Name: Park Moonbeom
Bio :
I’m working in cyber security and incident response sector of South Korea as a general researcher and cyber investigation advisory member of the national investigation agency. Also I’m responsible for research on hacking methods, analyze hacking incident also, profiling the relationships. And I’m not only one of the leaders in Asia’s oldest underground hacker group, but also an instructor and mentor in the program(a.k.a BoB) to train ethical hackers in South Korea.

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