Cryptography Design: From Theory to Practice


Cryptography is the science of designing algorithms and protocols that can guarantee privacy, authenticity, and integrity of data when parties are communicating or computing in an insecure environment. The recent explosion of electronic communication and commerce has expanded the significance of cryptography far beyond its historical military role into all of our daily lives. In particular, cryptography provides the technology for realizing different kinds of security; for example, it allows us to use our credit card to make online purchases without revealing the credit card number to other people. The past 25 years have also seen cryptography transformed from an ad hoc collection of mysterious tricks into a rigorous science based on firm complexity-theoretic foundations. In this talk, we start by introducing basic mathematical tools and well-known and practical cryptosystems (including AES, RSA, and ElGamal). Then, we move theoretical aspects to discuss how to convince everyone of the security. Finally, we will describe secret sharing and its potential applications. The projects include secret sharing implementation and a few crypto-style CTF.


Name: Yu-Chi Chen
Bio :
Yu-Chi Chen is currently an Associate Professor with the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Yuan Ze University, Taiwan. His research interests include cryptography, information security and blockchain.

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