Home IoT Device Security


There are a lot of home IoT (Internet of Things) devices at your home these days. Smartphones, tablets and smartwatches are very common. Smart TVs, fridges and even door locks and multiplugs are now connected to the Internet nowadays. I will discuss how securely these devices are communicating through the web.


  1. Network basics
  2. Wireshark and traffic captures (hands-on training)
  3. How IoT devices works
  4. Raspberry Pi and WiFi AP
  5. How you can secure these devices


Name: Su-Hyun Park
Bio :
Senior software engineer on embedded arena, from small IoT device to large scale network security appliance, UTM.

Started programming since mid-80’s (since 8 years old) on XT-PC, pre MS-DOS generation.
Have experienced more than 20 programming languages over 30 years, but now I am a linux systems software engineer developing on kernel module and user space applications especially on embedded systems.

On the other hand, I am a full-stack engineer. Developing from Android app to the back-end server applications for hobby project.

Familiar with a lot of high-tech ICT technology such as IoT, AWS cloud architecture, Web services as well as App services applications. Also have experienced with computer vision applications using OpenCV and Tensorflow, CNN network for AI/ML image processing.

Likes to solve challenging problems and enjoy self-studying and learning. Willing to relocated anywhere in the world as long as there is interesting job and position. :wink:

  • Certifications : P.E., KCISA, CISSP, CCDP, CCNP, CCDA, CCNA, ITILv3 certified
  • Industry domain : Network, Security, Firewall, UTM, IoT, Embedded
  • Core technology : Linux, Kernel, Netfilter, Packet processing, Communications
  • Development platform : Linux, Windows, Android, AWS (Amazon), GCP (Google), Yocto, Buildroot, Crosstool
  • Programming Languages : C, C++, Java, Kotlin, Python, Go, HTML, JavaScript and more
  • Library : OpenCV, Tensorflow
  • Hobby Programming : Web Crawling, AI (Maching Learning), FinTech, Blockchain

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